Cattleya Love Knot


Cattleya Love Knot (formerly: Laeliocattleya (LC) Love Knot) is an epiphytic growing, primary orchid hybrid, a crossing between Cattleya sincorana (seed parent) and Cattleya walkeriana (pollen parent).

Cattleya Love Knot has been registered with the Royal Horticultural Society by J. Miura in the year 1984. The highly fragrant flowers get a size of about 10 cm in diameter. Flowering period: Winter. The beautiful Cattleya orchid hybrid requires intermediate to warm temperatures, a partial shady location with bright light and a well-drained potting medium. As we found the tropical orchid a few years ago, it was labeled Cattleya walkeriana x Laelia sincorana, so we thought, it will be easy to find the hybrids name. Think again ! We had to find out, that the name Laelia sincorana Schltr. 1917 is nowadays just accepted as a synonym, the name accepted by the science of botany is Cattleya sincorana (Schltr.) Van den Berg 2008.

So Cattleya Love Knot has been primarly registered as Laeliocattleya Love Knot and at that time it was an intergeneric hybrid. As the The International Orchid Register of the Royal Horticultural Society keeps up with the times, it wasn`t a wonder, that we couldn`t find a record with Laelia sincorana as a parent. Nevertheless Cattleya Love Knot is still often labeled and sold under its old name Laeliocattleya (LC) Love Knot.

Cattleya Love Knot
Flower Photography © Orchids
Image: Cattleya Love Knot
Photographer: Kitisak “Nat” Jaidee

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