Thai Orchid Pecteilis sagarikii


The Thai orchid Pecteilis sagarikii Seidenf. 1973, commonly called Duck orchid, has been named by the Danish diplomat and botanist Gunnar Seidenfaden (1908 - 2001) in honour to the famous Thai horticulturist and researcher of orchids Professor Rapee Sakarik (born 1922). The terrestrial growing Pecteilis sagarikii is related to Habenaria orchids and like them the orchid dies back in winter to an underground tuber. There is also another colour form with a white lip known. The Duck orchid is native to North East and Central Thailand. Flowers reach a size of just about 1,5 cm, adult plants can sprout up to 10 flowers. Flowering period: August - September.

Thai Orchid Pecteilis sagarikii
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Image: Thai Orchid Pecteilis sagarikii Seidenf. 1973

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