Tem Smitinand Botanist Thailand


Dr. Tem Smitinand, Botanist, ThailandProfessor Dr. Tem Smitinand (1920-1995) was a Thai botanist from the Royal Forest Department of Thailand.
The biggest progress in the study of Thai orchids and other Thai plants has been made under the Thai-Danish Flora of Thailand project. Lots of expeditions has been undertaken from 1958 - 1968 as the continued work of the botanists Dr. Gunnar Seidenfaden and Professor Dr. Tem Smitinand. This 2 great botanist collected together more than 15.000 specimens. Through theit book, The Orchids of Thailand, a Preliminary List 1959-1965, they brought international attention to the orchids of Thailand. While Smitinand died in 1995, Seidenfaden continued his work on orchids, until he died in 2001.
Professor Dr. Tem Smitinand´s author abbreviation: Smitin.

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