Terrestrial Thai Orchid Geodorum siamense


Geodorum siamense Rolfe ex Downie 1925 is a terrestrial growing Thai orchid species, native to the North and the North-East of Thailand.

Flowers of Geodorum siamense get a size of about 2 cm. Inflorescences carry up to about 5 flowers. Flowering period: February. The terrestrial Thai orchid Geodorum siamense is protected by CITES Appendix II (trade controlled to avoid use incompatible with species survival). This small and quite unknown Thai orchid shows us again the enormous biodiversity of our tropical home country Thailand, contingent on the various geographical areas in the country. The Thai botanist and orchid researcher Professor Dr. Tem Smitinand (1920-1995) mentioned in 1994, that the floristic regions of Thailand can be divided into 7 sub-regions, north, north-east, east, southeast, southwest, central and south. This sub-regions consist of 14 different types of vegetation. The total number of the Thai flora is approximately 15.000 species.

Terrestrial Thai Orchid Geodorum siamense
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Image: Terrestrial Thai Orchid Geodorum siamense


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