Hindu Rope (Hoya compacta)


Hoya compacta C. M. Burton 1990, commonly called Hindu Rope, is a tropical wax flower or porcellain flower plant, with unclear origin.

Most likely the Hoya plant with its curled foliage is native to South China, like its close relative Hoya carnosa. Hindu Rope (Hoya compacta) has thick, flexible shoots which can be bend to decorative forms. The fast-growing shoots can be cut to branch out. Hoya compacta is one of the most culitavated Hoya species and can be grown as an indoor plant. Unfortunatly Hindu Rope wax flower plants are very prone to mealybugs and young plants need several years until they set flowers. Inflorescences shouldn`t be cut away, as they will set flowers again. The botanical name of the Hindu Rope is still controversial, as it`s widely known and sold under the name Hoya compacta, this name is not accepted by the science of botany. The American hoya specialist C. M. Burton classified the plant once as Hoya carnosa var.compacta, but also this name seems not to be accepted.

Hindu Rope (Hoya compacta)
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Image: Hindu Rope (Hoya compacta)

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