Hoya macgillivrayi F. M. Bailey 1914


Hoya macgillivrayi F. M. Bailey 1914 with its magnificent flowers has been named by Frederick Marshman Bailey (1882-1967), a British intelligence officer, in honour to the Australian Naturalist, Physician and Ornithologist William David Kerr Macgillivray (1867 - 1933). Hoya macgillivrayi is endemic to the Iron Range - McIlwraith Range area of Cape York Peninsula, Queensland, Australia. The wax flower blooms in clusters of 5-6 flowers, which get a size of 6-8 cm. Flowering period: October. To let this hoya plant come into blossom it needs a bit of care. Limestone should be added to the soil, the plant must be trimmed regularyly and should never dry out completely.

Hoya macgillivrayi plants require temperatures above 18° C. There are different clones and hybrids available. Hoya macgillivrayi is a close relative to Hoya archboldiana C. Norman 1937 und Hoya megalaster Warburg 1907. The fragrant Hoya macgillivrayi flowers have a mild carnation-like scent.

Hoya macgillivrayi
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Image: Hoya macgillivrayi

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