Hoya praetorii Miq. 1856


The spectacular Hoya praetorii Miq. 1856 has been namend by the Dutch botanist Friedrich Anton Wilhelm Miquel (1811-1871) in honour to the plant collector Christiaan Frederik Eduard Praetorius (1799 - 1846). Hoya praetorii is native to Sumatra and Java, Indonesia and is related to Hoya lasiantha, which seems to be another, different Hoya species. Hoya praetorii flowers last about 2 weeks and are slightly fragrant, the scent is reminescent of citrus or grapefruit. The magnificent flowers, often considered as the most pretty of all Hoyas, are grouped in umbels of 10-20 single flowers. The plant needs much more water and nutrition
than other Hoya plants.

Hoya praetorii Miquel 1856
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Image: Hoya praetorii 1856
Photographer: Kitisak “Nat” Jaidee

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