Once again we had to put in great efforts to identify this stunning white flower with a beautiful scarlet center as Dillenia philippinensis Rolfe 1884. Dillenia philippinensis, commonly called Katmon, Philippines Simpoh or Philippine Dillenia is a tropical, flowering tree or big shrub, which can reach heights up to about 15 meters.

Dillenia philippinensis is native to the Philippines, but it’s hardly surprising, that it became a very well-liked ornamental plant in tropical countries around the world. The genus Dillenia, with about 65 known species, belongs to the Dilleniaceae family and has been introduced by the father of modern taxonomy, the Swedish naturalist Carl von Linné (1707-1778). The Great Linnaeus, how he`s often called, named the genus in honour to the German physician and botanist Johann Jacob Dillen (1687-1747). Flowers of the Katmon tree (Dillenia philippinensis) get a size of about 15 cm across and are non-fragrant. Katmon fruits are edible, the taste is reminescent of a sour apple and are used in our home country Thailand as an ingredient for the sour Jungle Curry (Gaeng Som).

Katmon (Dillenia philippinensis)
Flower Photography © Orchids Flowers.com
Image: Katmon (Dillenia philippinensis)

As the support for the Beauty of Orchids & Flowers project could hardly be worse, we`ve to point again to the enormous effort and the costs to produce a website like that. Just for this single flower we had to research about 3 month. We could finally identify the tropical plant with the help of a few Thai people, who provided us with the Thai name, San Sawa. We couldn`t find the flowering tree in our botanical literature. So if You like this website please recommend us to Your social bookmarker, refer us to Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and/or visit our sponsors. Please think about, that the World Wide Web should be a community, means there are people who give and people who take. Webmasters are urgently in need of the support of the visitors and readers of their work. People, who just come for their personal entertainment and fun or for free information, giving nothing back in return, will finally kill the free internet.


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