Bulbophyllum Jim McGoogan is an epiphytic growing, primary orchid hybrid, a crossing between the species orchids Bulbophyllum sumatranum (seed parent) and
Bulbophyllum veitchianum (pollen parent).

The Bulbophyllum Jim McGoogan orchid hybrid has been registered in the year 2007 with the Royal Horticultural Society by Bill Thoms, a noted Bulbophyllum breeder, who endowed the Bill Thoms Award. The award is given by the American Orchid Society to the grower of that orchid, either species or hybrid, which is regarded as the most outstanding example of the Bulbophyllinae subtribe, containing the orchid genera Bulbophyllum, Cirrhopetalum, Ione, Sunipia and Trias. As we found the beautiful orchid hybrid at an orchid exhibition and competition in Chiang Mai, North Thailand, it was labeled as Bulbophyllum sumatranum x Bulbophyllum claptonense, which caused confusion. Bulbophyllum claptonense is mostly just accepted as a synonym for Bulbophyllum lobbii and Bulbophyllum veitchianum isn`t an accepted name. All we could find out is, that Bulbophyllum veitchianum seems to be a natural lobbii hybrid and if that`s correct, then the orchid should be named Bulbophyllum x veitchianum. Especially during the last years orchid researchers and taxonomists are switching orchids from one genus to another and back and new names are created. Most of that changes are more than confusing and not even or not yet accepted by the science of botany. The stunning orange-yellow Bulbophyllum Jim McGoogan flowers get a size of about 5 cm across. Flowering period: summer.

Orchid Hybrid Bulbophyllum Jim McGoogan
Flower Photography © Orchids Flowers.com
Image: Orchid Hybrid Bulbophyllum Jim McGoogan

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