Amazon Lily (Eucharis amazonica)


Eucharis amazonica, commonly called Amazon Lily or Eucharist Lily, is a perennial, tropical plant, which belongs to the Amarylis family (Amaryllidaceae).

But even if the name Amazon Lily suggests, that the plant is native to the area of the second longest river in the world, the Amazon river, the Amazon lily is native to the closely bounded region of the valley of the Rio Huallaga in North-West Peru. Eucharis amazonica is easily confused with Eucharis x grandiflora, a natutal hybrid between Eucharis moorei und Eucharis sanderi, which get slightly bigger flowers. The sweetly scented, fragrant flowers of the Amazon lily reach a size of about 10 cm across, inflorescences get heights of up to about 60 cm. Flowering period: Spring - early Winter. All parts of the Amazon Lily are toxic if ingested and the plant may cause allergic reactions while handled. Eucharis amazonica requires a warm climate and a shady location. Plants should be kept moist, but not soggy. Nowadays Amazon lilies are very popular, because of its showy, highly fragrant flowers, they`re considered as easy to care plants and are suitable to be cultivated indoors. Eucharis amazonica isn`t hardy and doesn`t tolerate temperatures below 0° c.

Amazon Lily (Eucharis amazonica)
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Image: Amazon Lily (Eucharis amazonica)

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