Coelogyne sp. new species ?


A few days ago, Katai from Phrao Orchids, Chiang Mai asked us for help
to identify this beautiful Coelogyne orchid, which she got from Laos
and is possibly a unknown new Coelogyne species.
She assured it´s not a hybrid, the Coelogyne plant has been taken from the nature.
Katai said, she showed that orchid to several orchid breeders,
nobody could identify it. After we´ve spent a whole afternoon
trying to identify the orchid beauty, we gave up.

Please, if You have any idea, what Coelogyne orchid it could be,
drop us a comment or sent us an email.
The Coelogyne sp., how we call the orchid at the moment,
is epiphytic growing, the flower has a size of about 5 cm
and is blooming right now in November.

Coelogyne sp., Laos
© Orchids
Image: Coelogyne sp., unknown Coelogyne species from Laos
Photographer: Kitisak “Nat” Jaidee

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