Crown Flower (Calotropis gigantea)


The Crown Flower (Calotropis gigantea), also called Madar shrub is a tropical plant native to Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand and grows wild along seashores. The Crown Flower (Calotropis gigantea), with its Hoya-like flowers belongs to the family Apocynaceae, subfamily Asclepiadoideae. The Madar shrub can reach a height up to 4 meters. The milky juice is mildly poisonous and has been used as arrow poison. Dried and powdered madar root bark is used nowadays in homoeopathy to treat overweight. In Thailand the unopened flowers are used for flower garlands (puang malai) and floral decorations.

Image: Crown Flower (Calotropis gigantea)

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