Cymbidium Chen’s Ruby Orchid Hybrid


Cymbidium Chen’s Ruby is a terrestrially growing 5 th generation orchid hybrid.
As we got enough information about the parentage of this beautiful orchid,
we like to show You how much effort is needed to achieve such a magnificent flower.
1. Generation crossings:
Cymbidium eburneum × Cymbidium lowianum = Cymbidium Veitchii
Cymbidium insigne × Cymbidium lowianum = Cymbidium Pauwelsii
Cymbidium insigne × Cymbidium parishii = Cymbidium Dryad
Cymbidium hookerianum × Cymbidium mastersii = Cymbidium Maronii
2. Generation crossing:
Cymbidium Veitchii × Cymbidium Pauwelsii = Cymbidium Diana
Cymbidium Dryad × Cymbidium Maronii = Cymbidium Francis Barbour
3. Generation crossing:
Cymbidium Diana × Cymbidium Francis Barbour = Cymbidium Enid Haupt
4. Generation crossing:
Cymbidium ensifolium × Cymbidium Enid Haupt = Cymbidium Golden Elf
and finally the 5. generation crossing:
Cymbidium Golden Elf × Cymbidium iridioides = Cymbidium Chen’s Ruby

Cymbidium Chen's Ruby Orchid Hybrid
© Orchids
Image: Cymbidium Chen’s Ruby Orchid Hybrid
Photographer: Kitisak “Nat” Jaidee

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