Olof Peter Swartz Swedish Botanist


Olof Peter Swartz, Swedish Botanist

Olof Peter Swartz (1760-1818) was a Swedish botanist and taxonomist.
He studied at the University of Uppsala under Carl Linnaeus the Younger, son of the famous Carolus Linnaeus, where he got his doctorate in 1781. In 1780 started to travel and collected about 6000 specimens.
In the year 1786 he went to London,
where he met the famous English botanist and naturalist Joseph Banks.
In 1787 he returned to Sweden and 2 years later he became a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.
Olof Peter Swartz died at the 13.09.1818 in Stockholm. He classified 25 genera and is deemed as the first specialist of orchid taxonomy.

His author author abbreviation: Sw.

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