Pomatocalpa Orchids

Pomatocalpa Breda Kuhl & Hasselt 1829 is an orchid genus containing about 40, mostly epiphytic growing, Pomatocalpa species, distributed all over tropical Asia. The abbreviation in horticultural trade is: Pmcpa

Pomatocalpa spicatum (Pomatocalpa spicata)

Pomatocalpa spicatum Breda 1827 (Pomatocalpa spicata) is a small sized, epiphytic growing orchid species, native to Myanmar (formerly Burma), Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, India (Assam, Sikkim), Bhutan, South China and the Himalayas. The very small, yellow flowers with red spots get a size of just 0,5 cm and are best viewed with a Read More »


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