Tiger Lotus (Nymphaea lotus)


Nymphaea lotus L. 1753, commonly called Tiger Lotus or Egyptian White Water Lily is a tropical water lily species, native to East Africa and Southeast Asia.

The name Tiger Lotus, sometimes even called White Lotus, causes confusion, as this stunning aquatic plant isn`t a Lotus, which belongs to the small genus Nelumbo, with only two known living species, Nelumbo lutea (American Lotus) and Nelumbo nucifera (Indian Lotus). The third known species Nelumbo aureavallis is extinct. Flowers of the Nymphaea lotus water lily reach a size up to 25 cm in diameter and open preferably at night. Tiger Lotus flowers rise high above the water surface. The Tiger Lotus has been used to create the first water lily hybrid ever, called Nymphaea Ortgiesiano-rubra, a crossing between the Nymphaea species Nymphaea lotus and Nymphaea rubra with pink flowers.

As we`ve been told that there are 3 color variations of the Tiger lotus, white, pink and red, we had to find out, that it`s not correct. The so called Red Tiger Lotus with red flowers and red leaves is not Nymphaea lotus, it`s Nymphaea zenkeri. The pink color variation is the waterlily hybrid Nymphaea Ortgiesiano-rubra, developed by German horticulturist Eduard Ortgies ( 1829 - 1916).

Tiger Lotus (Nymphaea lotus)
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Image: Tiger Lotus (Nymphaea lotus)

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