Water Lily Hybrid Nymphaea Gypsy


Nymphaea Gypsy is a hardy water lily hybrid, a crossing between Nymphaea Red Conqueror and Nymphaea mexicana. The water lily hybrid has been developed by the American waterlily enthusiast and breeder Dr. Robert Kirk Strawn (1922-2008) in the year 1997.

Flowers of Nymphaea Gypsy get a size of 10-12 cm in diameter and stand about 5 cm above water surface. Flowering period: Summer - Autumn. The stunnig water lily hybrid, with its bright red, white pigmented flowers, requires full sun and a pond with a water depth of about 40 - 60 cm. Like the most water lilies, Nymphaea Gypsy should be regularly fertilized, at least once a month. The most easy way to keep water lilies strong and healthy is to use water lily fertilizer tablets, which are put in the soil nearby the roots.

Water Lily Hybrid Nymphaea Gypsy
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Image: Water Lily Hybrid Nymphaea Gypsy

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