Dendrobium Orchids

Dendrobium is one of the biggest groups (genus) in the Orchidaceae family. The genus Dendrobium was etablished in 1799 by Olof Peter Swartz. Dendrobium orchids are mostly endemic to Asia (South, East, Southeast), but also to Australia and New Zealand. Nowadays the Dendrubium genus contains about 1200 species. The abbreviation in horticultural trade is: Den.


The beautiful, white Dendrobium fytchianum, also called Fytch´s Dendrobium, has been discovered 1863 in Burma (nowadays Myanmar) by Captain Grant and Colonel Fytche. James Bateman (1811 - 1897), an English horticulturist classified the Dendrobium fytchianum in one of his three orchid books in 1864. In the wild Dendrobium fytchianum orchids are considered to be rare. Read More »


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Dendrobium cruentum orchid

The Dendrobium cruentum orchid species, commonly called “The blood red Dendrobium”, in Thailand, Ueang Nok Kaeo (means Parrot Orchid) is endemic to the South-West coast of Thailand near the border to Malaysia. In the Year 1884, the German botanist Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach described Dendrobium cruentum in the “Gardeners Chronical & Agricultural”. The slightly fragrant, …


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