William Jackson Hooker, English Botanist

William Jackson Hooker (1785 – 1865) an English Botanist was educated at the high school of Norwich.
As he came from a wealthy family, William Jackson Hooker was able to travel and start on studies of natural history, especially ornithology and entomology. On a recommendation of Sir James Edward Smith he focused his activities to botany. In 1809 he undertook his first botanical expedition to Iceland. 1816 his first scientific work, “the British Jungermanniae”, was published. 1820 he became a regius professor of botany at the University of Glasgow. William Jackson Hooker established the Royal Botanic Institution of Glasgow and developed the Glasgow Botanic Gardens. In the year 1841 William Jackson Hooker became the first director of the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew.
His son Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker succeeded him as
the director of Kew gardens. William Jackson Hooker died at 12.08.1865.

His author abreviation: Hook.
His son´s Joseph Dalton Hooker author abreviation: Hook.f.


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  1. [...] species has been primaryly named by Joseph Dalton Hooker, the son of the great English botanist William Jackson Hooker as Doritis braceana Hook. f. 1890 and has been reclassified by the American botanist Eric A. [...]

  2. [...] was the famous English botanist William Jackson Hooker, who named the Bulbophyllum careyanum (Hook.) Spreng. 1826 orchid species, in honour to the English [...]

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