Dendrobium Stardust Orchid Hybrid


Dendrobium Stardust is an epiphytic growing orchid hybrid, a crossing from the species orchid Dendrobium unicum (seed parent) and the hybrid Dendrobium Ukon (pollen parent).

The orchid hybrid with its showy, waxy, yellow flowers has been registered with the Royal Horticultural Society in 1986 by N.Asai. The long-lasting flowers of Dendrobium Stardust, get a size of about 6 cm. Flowering period: Spring, around Easter. Orchid hybrids, especially Dendrobium hybrids are considered as much more robust and much easier to care than species orchid. This holds true for Dendrobium Stardust as well, which can be recommended for orchid beginners. Dendrobium Stardust is often labeled as a Dendrobium nobile hybrid, which isn`t qualified. Dendrobium nobile is just one of many species orchids and hybrids used to create Dendrobium Ukon. Dendrobium Stardust needs a rest period with cool temperatures in winter with less until no watering. While new growth appears in Spring, increase watering and temperatures. There is also an orange colored hybrid available,
called Dendrobium Stardust Fire Bird.

Dendrobium Stardust
Flower Photography © Orchids
Image: Dendrobium Stardust

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