Epithechea Orange Blaze (Epidendrum Orange Blaze)


Epithechea Orange Blaze (synonym: Epidendrum Orange Blaze) is an epiphytic, also lithophytic growing orchid hybrid, a crossing between the hybrid Epithechea Morning Star (seed parent) and the species orchid Epidendrum cinnabarinum (pollen parent).

Epithechea Orange Blaze plants reach heights up to a bit more than 1 meter, inflorescences get lengths up to 80 cm and are packed with up to 40 orange-yellow flowers. Single flowers get a size of about 5 cm in diameter. Flowering period: Spring - Summer. Epithechea Orange Blaze has been registered with the Royal Horticultural Society by the Hawaiian H & R Nurseries in the year 1987. The tropical orchid hybrid requires a warm - hot, humid climate and a lot of light. Plants are best cultivated at a location in partial shade or preferably in full sun. The orchid should be potted in a well-drained potting medium and should be kept moist,
but not wet. Avoid waterlogging, as it may cause root rot.

Waterings should be restricted during the winter rest. If Epithechea Orange Blaze (Epidendrum Orange Blaze) doesn`t set flowers, it doesn`t get enough light. Epithechea, abbreviated Etc. in horticultural trade, is the nothogenus (hybrid genus) for crossings between the orchid genera Epidendrum and Prosthechea.

Epithechea Orange Blaze (Epidendrum Orange Blaze)
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Image: Epithechea Orange Blaze (Epidendrum Orange Blaze)

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