Flamingo Flower Anthurium Shibori


Anthurium Shibori, also called Flamingo Flower or Variegated Flower Anthurium is a rare, pink-red spotted Anthurium andreanum cultivar, from Central- and South America. Anthurium andreanum Linden 1877 species plants are considered as very difficult to cultivate indoors. Anthurium andreanum hybrids or cultivars, like Shibori are still quite challenging. The robust, arrow-shaped leaves of Anthurium Shibori reach lengths up to about 40 cm and widths of about 15 cm, the flower bracts get a size of 13-15 cm and the light yellow or cream white spadix 6-8 cm. With perfect conditions plants may bloom all around the year. In the nature Anthurium plants grow on the ground or epiphytic on trees.

Anthuriums and their hybrids require bright light, but no full sun, intermediate to warm temperatures and a humidity
over 60 %. Flamingo Flower plants should be kept humid, but not wet, during growth season, whilst during dormancy the soil should slightly dry out and to induce blooming temperature should be decreased
for about 6 weeks to around 15° C.

Anthurium Shibori

Flower Photography © Orchids Flowers.com
Image: Flamingo Flower Anthurium Shibori
Photographer: Kitisak “Nat” Jaidee

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