Grammatophyllum Tigers Paw


Grammatophyllum Tiger`s Paw is a large, epiphytic growing, tropical, primary orchid hybrid, a crossing from the Grammatophyllum orchid species Grammatophyllum elegans (seed parent) and Grammatophyllum fenzlianum (pollen parent).

The Grammatophyllum Tiger`s Paw orchid hybrid has been registered with the International Orchid Register of the Royal Horticultural Society in the year 1980 by Jones & Scully. Jones and Scully, aka “Orchidglade” was a very well known orchid nursery in Miami, USA, but has been destroyed in 1992 by hurricane Andrew. Grammatophyllum Tiger`s Paw inflorescences can a reach a length up to about 1,50 meter and are packed with up to 100 long lasting flowers. The tropical orchid hybrid requires a warm to hot climate, full sun and a lot of ferilizer during growth period. Single flowers get a size
of about 5-7 cm. Flowering period: Spring - Summer.

Grammatophyllum Tigers Paw
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Image: Grammatophyllum Tiger`s Paw

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