Lady Slipper Orchid Paphiopedilum kalinae


Paphiopedilum kalinae Braem 1995 is a terrestrial or lithophytic growing lady slipper orchid species, native to West-Sumatra (Indonesia).

The tropical orchid grows on cliffs at elevations from 1200 - 1500 meters. As we found the beautiful lady slipper orchid at an orchid exhibition in honour to the 80. birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit of Thailand in Chiang Mai, North Thailand, it was labeled as Paphiopedilum chamberlainianum var. kalinae. Soon we had to find out, that this isn`t an accepted name and we went again in a taxonomical mess. Some sources claim the lady slipper orchid is a Paphiopedilum victoria-regina, others name it Paphiopedilum victoria-regina var.kalinae. Finally we found the orchid under the name Paphiopedilum kalinae Braem 1995, which isn`t an accepted name. Flowers of Paphiopedilum kalinae get a size of about 8 cm. Flowering period: Spring - Summer. The Paphiopedilum kalinae (Paphiopedilum victoria-regina var.kalinae) lady slipper orchid species is protected by CITES Appendix I (threatened with extinction, trade only in exceptional circumstances).

Lady Slipper Orchid Paphiopedilum kalinae
Flower Photography © Orchids
Image: Lady Slipper Orchid Paphiopedilum kalinae

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