Terrestrial Orchid Habenaria carnea


Habenaria carnea N.E. Br. 1891 is a terrestrial orchid species native to South Thailand and the Malay Peninsula.

Flowers get a width of about 2 cm and a length of about 4 cm. The erect inflorescences carry up to 10 - 15 flowers. Whilst the lip is pure white, sepals and petals are slightly salmon-pink or flesh-colored. Flowering period: September. After the flowering season the terrestrial orchid drops its leaves and go dormant. So don`t be shocked, if there´s not much left in the pot, as Habenaria carnea will start to grow again with the beginning of spring. It´s recommended to repot the tropical orchid after the winter rest, as the tubers may have more then doubled the size. Habenaria carnea orchids are protected by CITES Appendix II (trade controlled to avoid use incompatible with species survival). The tropical miniature orchid requires warm temperatures, a shady location and should be cultivated in a deep pot with a loose, well drained potting medium. During the dormant period waterings should be severely limited until new growth appears in spring.

Habenaria carnea
Flower Photography © Orchids Flowers.com
Image: Habenaria carnea
Photographer: Kitisak “Nat” Jaidee

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