Thai Orchid Hybrid Dendrobium Woo Leng


Dendrobium Woo Leng is a Thai orchid hybrid, a crossing from the Dendrobium hybrids Dendrobium Loan Sudharta (seed parent) and Dendrobium Yong Kok Wah (pollen parent).

The name is often misspelled as Dendrobium Woon Leng. The white orchid hybrid, with its stunning purple lip, has been registered with the Royal Horticultural Society by Chao Praya Orchids in the year 1989. Chao Praya Orchids a big orchid nursery is located in Amphoe Sam Khok in Pathumthani province, north of Bangkok, Central Thailand and is wellknown and often awarded for its beautiful orchid hybrids. Dendrobium Woo Leng inflorescences get a length of about 20 cm and carry up to 10 flowers, which open nearly simultaneously. Like Dendrobium Jiad Gold, this Dendrobium hybrid requires also a warm to hot climate, full sun or bright light and regularly fertilizing. The long-living flowers get a size of about 5 cm across.

Flower photography © Orchids
Image: Thai Orchid Hybrid Dendrobium Woo Leng

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