White Bottle-Brush Orchid (Dendrobium capituliflorum)


Dendrobium capituliflorum Rolfe 1901, commonly called White Bottle-Brush Orchid, is a small sized, epiphytic, occasionally lithophyic growing orchid species, native to Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.

The white bottle-brush orchid (Dendrobium capituliflorum) belongs to the Dendrobium section Pedilonum and is closely related to Dendrobium bracteosum,
Den. goldschmidtianum (Den. miyakei),
Den. purpureum, Den. secundum,
Den. smillieae and others. The Pedilonum section contains about 80 species. Single flowers of the white bottle-brush orchid get a size of about 1,5 cm length and are grouped in dense, ball-like clusters, which are born on mature canes, with or without leaves. Flowering period: late Winter - Spring. Dendrobium capituliflorum orchids are protected by CITES Appendix II (trade controlled to avoid use incompatible with species survival). The tropical orchid requires cool to warm temperatures and medium light. After the growth season fertilizer should be restricted to induce flowering.

White Bottle-Brush Orchid  (Dendrobium capituliflorum)
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Image: White Bottle-Brush Orchid (Dendrobium capituliflorum)

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