Coelogyne pandurata


The epiphytic, occasionally terrestrial growing Coelogyne pandurata Lindl. 1853 orchid species is sometimes referred as black orchid, because of the deep maroon red, nearly black markings on their lip. Finally, to call this mostly bright green orchid a black orchid is nonsense or just cheap sensationalism, but doubtless Coelogyne pandurata is a real stunning orchid beauty. Coelogyne pandurata orchids are native to Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. The short-living, but highly fragrant flowers, with a scent of honey, get a size of about 8 cm. Inflorescences reach a length up to 30 cm and can carry up to 15 simulataneously opening flowers. Flowering period: Spring - Summer.

Coelogyne pandurata
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Image: Coelogyne pandurata Lindl. 1853

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