Dendrobium lamyaiae Seidenf 1996 Dendrobium lanyaiae


The name of Dendrobium lamyaiae Seidenf. 1996, an epiphytic growing miniature orchid endemic to Thailand and Laos is often misspelled Dendrobium lanyaiae.

The name lamyaiae refers to Lamyai, the Thai word for Longan (Dimocarpus longan), a fruit tree native to South-East Asia. The Dendrobium lamyaiae Seidenf 1996 orchid blooms from spring to summer. The beautiful, bright orange flowers grow to a size of about 2,5 cm. Dendrobium lamyaiae is easily confused with Dendrobium unicum, as the flowers of both orchid species look nearly identical, with the exception that the lip of Dendrobium unicum is straight-lined, while the Dendrobium lamyaiae lip is curly. Flowering season: Spring - Summer.

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Image: Dendrobium lamyaiae Seidenf 1996
Photographer: Anuparp Ratanakhon

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