Grevillea Moonlight


Grevillea Moonlight, a cultivar or selected form of Grevillea whiteana McGill. 1986 (Mundubbera Grevillea), is an evergreen, woody shrub or small tree from the protea family Proteaceae, native to Australia.

The Moonlight Grevillea shrub reaches heights up to about 5 meters and is a very popular garden plant in Australia. The creamy-white, strange-looking flowers of the tropical plant get lengths up to about 25 cm and are very attractive to moths, bees and birds. Flowering period: all year long. The beautiful Grevillea Moonlight, with its fern-like foliage, is best cultivated in full sun and well-drained, low in phosphorus soil. Grevilleas shouldn`t be fertilized, as it may kill the plants. Established plants are considered to tolerate light frost. Grevilea Monnlight is a vigorous growing plant and benefits from regular pruning, which should be done in late May and/or late November. It`s recommended to cut plants back by about one third. Most Grevillea plants are very drought tolerant whilst established and shouldn`t be kept too wet, to avoid root rot.

Grevillea Moonlight
Flower Photography © Orchids
Image: Grevillea Moonlight (Grevillea whiteana cultivar)

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