Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach 1823-1889 German Botanist


Heinrich Gustav ReichenbachThe German botanist Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach (1823 Leipzig/Germany -1889 Hamburg/Germany) started to study botany at the age of 18 and graduated as doctor in botany. 1855 he became extraordinary professor of botany in Leipzig. His doctoral dissertation was about the pollen of orchids. From 1863-1889 Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach was director of the botanical gardens at the Hamburg University, where he was responsible for the identification, description and classification of the thousands of newly discovered orchids, whitch been sent to the university from all around the world. After the death of the “father of orchidology”,
his friend John Lindley,
Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach became the worlds leading authority on Orchidaceae.

In 1886 Henry Frederick Conrad Sander started to work on a monthly publication on orchids with illustrations from Henry George Moon and descriptions of Reichenbach. The so called Reichenbachia has been released over the years 1888-1894 and is considered to be the biggest source on orchids ever made. After Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach death, at the 06.05.1889 in Hamburg, his work has been continued by Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig (“Fritz”) Kraenzlin (1847-1934).
Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach´s author abbreviation: Rchb.f.

A beautiful Thai orchid, described by Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach:
Dendrobium cruentum Rchb.f.

Dendrobium cruentum
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Image: Dendrobium cruentum Rchb.f. Orchid
Photographer: Posantor “Chocolate” Salie

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