Stanhopea tricornis, Gerlachia tricornis


Stanhopea tricornis Lindl. 1849, also accepted as Gerlachia tricornis (Lindl.) Szlach. 1999, is an epiphytic, occasionally terrestrial growing orchid species, native to Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

The stunning and fragrant flowers of the small to medium sized Stanhopea tricornis get a size of about 12 - 13 cm. Flowering period: winter - summer. Inflorescences reach lengths of up to 15 cm and carry 2-3 flowers. The tropical orchid requires a warm to hot, humid climate, a shaddy location and is best cultivated in hanging baskets. Stanhopea tricornis (Gerlachia tricornis) orchids are protected by CITES Appendix II (trade controlled to avoid use incompatible with species survival). Again we got confused by the taxonomical tangle about this orchid species, as some sources accept the botanical name Stanhopea tricornis, while others claim this name is just a synonym and the accepted name is Gerlachia tricornis. One thing is sure, Stanhopea tricornis Lindl. 1849 is the accepted basionym and most traders, breeders and orchid enthusiasts know this orchid species under that name. We don`t understand what`s the sense behind, as modern botanists and taxonomist establish more and more new genera and switch well-known plants from one genus to next and backwards. Many of this changes are not accepted by the science of botany, but create a lot of confusion.

Stanhopea tricornis, Gerlachia tricornis
Flower Photography © Orchids
Image: Stanhopea tricornis, Gerlachia tricornis

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