Karl Ludwig Blume (1796-1862), german-dutch botanist Karl Ludwig Blume (1796-1862), also called Charles Ludwig de Blume and Karel Lodewijk Blume, was a German-Dutch botanist. Karl Ludwig Blume was born at 09.06.1796 in Braunschweig, Germany.
In 1818 he was sent by his teacher and mentor Sebald Justinus Brugmans as a naturalist to Jakarta, Indonesia, what was that time named Batavia. From 1823 to 1826 Karl Ludwig Blume was the Deputy Director of Agriculture at the botanic garden in Bogor/Java. He was living on the Sunda islands until the year 1827 and was collecting plants. While he was going back to Europe, he took a collection of more than 3000 plant species with him. After his return he has been genteled as a privy councillor and knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion and he became the Director of the Rijksherbarium. In the year 1855, Blume has been elected as a foreign member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Karl Ludwig Blume died in Leiden, Netherlands at the 03.02.1862.
He described a huge amount of plant species.
His author abreviation is: Blume


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