Thai Orchid Researcher Rapee Sakarik


Thai Botanist Rapee SakarikProfessor Rapee Sakarik is a horticulturist and orchid researcher from Thailand. Born in the year 1922 and now in his nineties, Prof. Rapee Sakarik (Sagarik, Sakrig) is still active. He created the Orchid Association of Thailand, which organizes nationwide orchid related activities and was involved in the introduction of orchids from other parts of the world to Thailand.

Prof. Sakarik also created numerous orchid hybrids and new cultivars, by crossing imported orchids with native Thai orchids. As this plants are easy to grow and producing lots of flowers all around the year, this orchid hybrids became very popular. Technology for orchid mass production has been introduced, so cut-flower orchids can be exported commercially. That Thailand became one of the biggest exporters of orchids in the world is due to just a few outstanding personalities: Dr Gunnar Seidenfaden, Arthur Francis George Kerr, Tem Smitinand, Rapee Sakarik and last, but not least, all could be achieved due to the relentless support
of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit of Thailand.

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Image: Painting for The Nature of Orchids, Orchid Exhibition supervised by Prof. Rapee Sakarik.
Chiang Mai, Thailand, Royal Flora Ratchaphruek 2009

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