Stargazer Lily (Lilium Oriental Stargazer)


The Stargazer Lily (Lilium Stargazer) is a hybrid from the Lilium Oriental group, developed in 1978 by the Californian lily hybridiser Leslie Woodriff. As flowers of plants in the Oriental lily group tend to hang down, the Stargazer lily has upward facing flowers and because of the “looking at the heavens flowers”, the new lily hybrid has been named Stargazer. Like other lilies from the Oriental group, Stargazer lilies are renowned for their heavenly perfume. Nowadays this stunning lily hybrid has become one of the most common Oriental lilies and is one of the easiest to cultivate as well.

As white Stargazer lilies are often used to express sympathy and purity, the pink variant got the meaning of wealth and prosperity.
Stargazer lilies (Lilium Stargazer) are in bloom from mid to late summer,
stems can carry up to about 5 flowers. There are reports that Stargazer lilies are toxic for cats and can cause death, while the plant seems to be harmless for other pets.

Stargazer Lily (Lilium Oriental Stargazer)
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Image: Stargazer Lily (Lilium Oriental Stargazer)

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