Yellow Walking Iris (Neomarica longifolia/Trimezia martinicensis)


As we started to research about the Yellow Walking Iris, we got somewhat perplexed as the tropical plant seems to have 2 accepted botanical names. First we found the name Neomarica longifolia (Link & Otto) Sprague 1928, but in one of our botanical books, the plant was named as Trimezia martinicensis (Jacq.) Herb. 1844, which is also an accepted name. It caused quite a bit of confusion, but as all walking irises seem to refer to the genus Neomarica, we tend to believe the name Neomarica longifolia to be true. The yellow walking iris is native to tropical America, but nowadays cultivated as an ornamental plant in many tropical and subtropical countries around the world. The Yellow Walking Iris is blooming all around the year, but the beautiful flowers last just one day. While the flower is gone, the plant sprouts a new plant next to the gone flower. The weight of the new growth bring the stems down to the ground, where the plant starts to become entrenched. Because of that performance, this tropical plants from the Iris family (Iridaceae) are called Walking Irises.

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Image: Yellow Walking Iris (Neomarica longifolia/Trimezia martinicensis)

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