Hoya brevialata Waxflower


Hoya brevialata Kleijn & van Donkelaar 2001 waxflowers are only found in nature in Sulawesi (former Celebes), an island in Indonesia, The tropical climber is rated as a weed there as the plants overrun fruit trees and other crop. Hoya brevialata is often found in a symbiotic partnership with ants, as the plant grows out from ant nests. Hoya brevialata flowers are grouped in umbels of up to 40 single flowers and have a slight caramel-like fragrance. Flowers last about one week and the caramel-like scent gets stronger before the flowers wither. Hoya brevialata is best cultivated in a hanging basket as a hanging plnt.

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Image: Hoya brevialata Kleijn & van Donkelaar 2001
Photographer: Kitisak “Nat” Jaidee

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