Hoya vitellina Blume 1849


Hoya vitellina Blume 1849 is an epiphytic growing wax flower vine species found in Java, Indonesia. As Hoya vitellina has beautiful flowers, the smell is some kind of very unpleasant. Even if Hoya vitellina is easy to cultivate it can´t be recommended as an indoor plant, because of its smell. Flowers are grouped in semicircular umbels. Single flowers get a size of about 1 cm in diameter. Hoya vitellina is best cultivated in full sun, but avoid hot midday sun, as it may burn the beautiful foliage.
The tropical climber likes it quite dry.

Hoya vitellina Blume 1849
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Image: Hoya vitellina Blume 1849
Photographer: Kitisak “Nat” Jaidee

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